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Reform and Abolition:
Points of Tension and Connection

Increasingly activists and academics are talking about the points of tension and connection between reform efforts that seek to improve conditions in prison and those that take a more radical abolitionist approach to the problem and call for the eventual elimination of the prison altogether...
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Words Matter-Thoughts On Language and Abolition

Our language shapes what we can imagine, and by using new words and old words differently, we can imagine new things. A major reason the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) grows is that we are told there isn't another option. We need to use language creatively to make healthy systems possible as we develop strong, specific challenges to the PIC...
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Ground Rules & Tips for Challenging the Right

The State literally holds the keys to incarceration. And, since 1980 and the election of Ronald Reagan, the Right controls the State in the United States, and thus it controls the criminal justice system...
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