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Who is the Right? What characterizes something as right-wing? Is there even a difference? For activists working on this issue, it may often feel as though there is no difference between the State, the Right and even Liberals. However, we here at PRA believe that differentiating between Liberals, the Right, the State, and the System is critical to developing effective and nuanced strategies that challenge oppression. The articles below offer definitions and discussions of the various forces that advocate for the maintenance and growth of the criminal justice system.

Who is the Right?

The State literally holds the keys to incarceration. And, since 1980 and the election of Ronald Reagan, the Right controls the State in the United States, and thus it controls the criminal justice system...
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Why We Focus on the Right, the State, and the System

Oppressive ideologies and systems are embedded in the U.S. criminal justice system. At the same time, the criminal justice system legitimates and reproduces these ideologies of oppression that in turn help to maintain and expand the power of the Right, the State, and the criminal justice system itself.
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Organizing Advice: Challenging and Defeating the Right

A Q&A with PRA's Director of Research

Palak Shah, Editor of the Defending Justice Activist Resource Kit talked to Nikhil Aziz, PRA's Director of Research about why it is important for progressive activists and people in general to learn about the Right.
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